Reasons to Choose a Locally Owned Storage Unit in Sydney

Just like with other purchases, deciding to store items in a Sydney-based self storage unit comes with several choices. Before picking any facility, it is crucial to start with doing a thorough research on your available options. Below are some tips on why it is better to choose a locally own storage facility than a nationally owned storage.

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They Know Your Property and Area

Before signing off to store your valuables at the care on another person, you should be ready with these questions:

  • What are the available storage unit sizes? Or I have items A, B, and C to store so what will be the recommendable size?
  • What’s your location? Are there any landmarks that I will come across on my way to the storage facility?
  • What are the security features in the facility to keep my items secure? Do I have 24×7 access to the storage unit?

Once you contact the facility in your area to assess the available options, make sure that you will be storing your belongings with a company that can always talk to you directly about your concerns and needs.

In nationally owned units, chances are that they would pick your call but they have never visited the facility they present physically. This means that they might not give you precise details about the units since they do not know how they look like.

On the contrary, those who man the telephone customer care at local facilities haven’t just seen the units but are also onsite.

Although you might not notice a big difference at first, in the end you can get better customer service and that is an added advantage. Trusting in the details given will ensure you do not have any worries about the security of your items.

They Have More Pride in Management and Ownership

Employees in locally operated and owned storage warehouse facilities are not just work colleagues but are like a family. Such smaller businesses do not rely on other people but on themselves to grow the business and this translates to success and ability to work reliably.

Paying attention to all details is a necessity to meet target sales and retain customers. All this will lead to a facility that has clean units, friendly staff, and landscaped grounds.

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They Rarely Raise Rates

Facilities that are owned nationally have hundreds of employees who have to manage widespread properties. They also have to work extra hard to appease more investors.

They also have lots of promise and paychecks to deliver and your unit might be the next target to be used in keeping their figures in check. This can translate to higher rental costs.

On the contrary, this is rare on locally owned units. Local storage properties do not aim to look global. Their main aim is providing storage services to the local community.This keep them focused on a customer as the most important asset in their business.

As you consider your available options, always remember that you deserve the best customer service. Always go for a facility that’s proud of speaking about the community they serve and their units.